The most striking thing about Clint's approach to creative work is his unwavering cinematic vision, combined with an appreciation and understanding of cultural nuances. I have worked with Clint both in the capacity of a client and a manager. As a client, he took the time to understand the project's purpose and ensured that the message was delivered clearly in the work. As a manager, Clint has an impressive appetite to actively learn new skills sets that supplement his role. This was very apparent when I worked with Clint in a startup and he offered to kickstart a department, learning basic media law and commercial skill sets along the way, ultimately enhancing the team's overall co-production process. 

Clint's professional, personable and calm approach is a pleasure to have on any team. It is an asset to find cinematic vision which does not compromise on creativity and Hollywood-standard quality. Clint is a creative who will appreciate your business'/project's purpose and drive that throughout all aspects of their work. 

-Ismat Abidi 

 Media Lawyer/ Executive Producer 


+31 6 19 49 00 26

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